Glitter Guru

The Situation: See what had happened was… Have you ever been taken back by someone’s comment? Like what the fuck? That has nothing to do with me. And your initial response is not really to go off on them, but more so to help them see where you are coming from, because you don’t want … More Glitter Guru

Our Manifestations are but a Relaxation Away

The work in manifesting anything into our realities is not working so hard to make it happen. The hard work is letting go of what we think should happen. The hard work is in being truly happy with where we are, like so passionately grateful for all that we have and just in love with it all. And it is from this space of bliss that all else will unfold. … More Our Manifestations are but a Relaxation Away

Enjoy the Dip

Oh how I dipped on my blog, IG, Facebook, on a public persona, but in my dip something else happened. My passion for writing transformed, my love for life expanded, and my heart opened to so much more. I became ever present… Ok, maybe not ever present, but it truly helped me become present in … More Enjoy the Dip

When Worlds Collide

Falling in love with myself has truly been about the journey of falling in love with life.   I had all of these plans to be ridiculously (over) productive on this wonderful Sunday. I decided to let go of how I thought everything should unfold, and what I thought was considered productive. I found that … More When Worlds Collide

The Party of Garage Gym Life: Purpose, Passion, and maybe a Pinata

I think God has called me to create a large, boisterous festival where high level athletes mingle with busy parents on an Iron Journey towards their perfect physique. Then what if we invited the people who do yoga in their living rooms and maybe the runners who take to the trails and roads before the rooster crows to be alone with their heartbeat and the breath of the world? … More The Party of Garage Gym Life: Purpose, Passion, and maybe a Pinata