Blessings sweet spirit. I am so thankful you’re reading this. I love you and I appreciate you. AND I look forward to learning, growing and, BE-coming with you.

Quiet the mind, lead with the heart…

I am at first a spirit -a being of God- here to live LOVE. I am a healer and teacher. I love teaching others how to heal themselves, so that they have the tools to take charge of their life and power. While I am a spirit, I understand that mind, body, and soul are inextricably connected. To elevate my spirit, I must tend to my body and shift my thoughts. I am truly thankful for the vessel that houses my spirit. My fitness journey is completely enmeshed and inseparable from my spiritual awakening. My journey to self-awareness, self-love, and self-betterment was inspired by my son, Malakai, born March 2015.


The genuine beauty, love, and light that he radiates peaked my quest for more within myself. I wanted to give him more. I soon learned that the only way for me to give him the best, was to give myself the best. The beauty in this conundrum is that all that is, was already inside me. All I have to continuely do to give myself the best is journey within, which means learning myself more and more. Or as my sweet friend, Jalisa Reed says, we journey within to become that which is on the outside.

I sometimes use the language, “push myself to become my greatest version,” but it is more about letting go (of my attachments to control, perfection, figuring things out, planning, analyzing, etc) and allowing my true self to guide me to all greatness that I deserve. Let go and voila, transformation unfolds, and everything flows. The lesson is always in letting go.

Collective Consciousness:

Our journeys are truly connected. As I expand, elevate myself, and rise to new frequencies, so do you. I directly invite you to join me. I coach women and men everyday to take charge of their lives, dig deep, tap into their life purpose, and become their greatest versions. Last year was the best year of my life. This year was the best year of my life. You know what? Next year will be the best year of my life. I am in the state of living my best. I also know that is what YOU were meant for as well.

My blog… This is a space for me to share my lessons in quieting my mind and leading with my heart in all aspects of life – parenting, professionalism, personal development, fitness, relationships, finances, emotional well-being, health & nutrition, all of it. There is an unlimited abundance when we choose to live from this space.

I am a spirit living in my body–a fairy soul here to elevate our planet. While my past does not define who I am, it is a part of my journey. I fully embrace myself as I am – so I may cuss, dance/twerk, drink alcohol, eat sweets, listen to rap, or totally geek out on the intellectual meanings of everything (but then I let go and none of this means anything hehe)… If you take offense to any of these things, I am not sorry. I fully accept and allow your opinion. However, any negativity will be deleted and blocked. I am here to uplift and share my heart.


Doctoral Program & Student Teaching:

Here is a tid-bit on my material history this lifetime, this is a part of my journey and makes me the being I am today. I love teaching, mentoring, and facilitating others’ development – it is what I came here to do and almost every job I had, involved teaching, mentoring, &/or healing. While working on my Ph.D I lectured and taught sections in the Ethnic Studies Department. My students out performed my colleagues’ students, not because I was a better teacher, far from it. My students excelled because I met them where they were emotionally, mentally, developmentally as young millennial students of the university. I understood that merely regurgitating the information to them does not foster receptivity (I also allowed a break to check phones – this way during teaching time there wasn’t any temptation to sneak phone usage). Instead, I presented the material in a way for my students to openly receive the course information while preparing them for the world. I always understood my role as a teacher was much larger than the confines of my classroom.

I left my Ph.D after receiving my Masters and struggling to stay grounded in myself within the program. This was all apart of my awakening. It was a very difficult decision to make. At once I felt like a failure, there were pieces I loved, I performed very well in my seminars, presented my research across the nation, and I had earned 2 national fellowships on top of campus wide fellowships, which is almost unheard of, especially within the humanites – Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship and the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program (6 years of funding, well over $300,000) – so making the decision to leave probably seemed like the most absurd thing from an outsiders (or even an insider’s) perspective. I was labeled as my department’s walking feather in their hat, but there was much tearing at my spirit.

Undergraduate Research & Counseling:

Prior to my Ethnic Studies doctoral program at UC Riverside, I graduated Magna cum laude from UC Santa Cruz, double majoring in Feminist Studies and Political Science, I was a Early Mental Health Specialist at an elementary school. I had a play therapy room, hosting individual non-directive play sessions. Kids are spirits and they know what they need to heal, however we as ego-driven adults think we know what is best and seek to direct their every move. Opening up a space for these children allowed them to have a break from a directive relationship with an adult and begin healing from the inside out through play.

During my undergraduate career I interned as a College Readiness counselor, working with families and students on meeting the requirements to navigate the higher education system in Watsonville (specifically Pajaro High School). Watsonville is truly a special community, predominantly Latino and Spanish speaking. I dual interned with the same non-profit as an in class teacher’s assistant in high school math courses (Algebra I & II and Geometry). While doing this I was working on my own research, which I carried into graduate school on histories of eugenics and notions of female citizenry for women who were (currently or formerly) incarcerated in the California Prison system. And if this wasn’t enough in my undergraduate time at UC Santa Cruz I also served as a research assistant to Professor Patricia Zavella.

Community College:

I transferred to UC Santa Cruz, so my time there was brief (2 years). I actually went to 3 different community colleges, and it took me a bit longer to transfer, because I did not test into college level English. So ironic that I would find writing as the vehicle that connects me with others, when I was told by my very first college English professor that I was the worst writer he had seen in all his teaching career. I chuckle at this story everytime – the divine definitely had plans for me, beyond what I thought. And when I was accepted into my Ph.D program, I was told that I had written the most theoretical piece they had ever seen – so funny.

San Diego Born & Raised:

I was born and raised in Southeast San Diego, admist urban living, poverty, gangs, and drugs. I am one of 4 children, 2 brothers, one sister, and my parents are still happily married. My extended family continues to live in and out of the prison system and I wholeheartedly believe that one day we will have a world without prisons (maybe not this lifetime of mine, but at the core of all of us is love, we are made in the image of God and this world can live in full love). This all begins with healing and loving the self. Raised in an activist family, heavily involved in the United Farm Workers Movement, I didn’t fully understand, Ghandi’s. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This does not mean critique, be angry, and riot in hostility, in fact it is quite the opposite. We must live the love, peace, and joy we wish to see in the world. Not easy, but, the more we live in the frequency of the love, the easier it becomes.

Licensed Skincare Specialist:

While working on my Ph.D I also attended Esthtician School. I developed grade 4 cystic acne and wanted to clear my skin holistically. While working with my now mentor and soul sister, I decided to become liscened and practice skincare. Being in the treatment room, healing others through the power of touch is really a unique experience, one that taught me how to let go of me, connect with spirit and give to the being in in my treatment room.

I am here to learn, grow, expand and share my lessons in the process. I see your power as I see mine.

One love sweet spirit


fairy kisses


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