Glitter Guru

The Situation: See what had happened was…

Have you ever been taken back by someone’s comment? Like what the fuck? That has nothing to do with me. And your initial response is not really to go off on them, but more so to help them see where you are coming from, because you don’t want them thinking you’d be guilty of whatever they say you’re doing/not doing… Well.. This may be wasted energy for you. They will NOT hear what you are saying or where you are coming from – because you two are talking on different frequencies. You may hear them, but they will NOT hear you. They are laser focused on whatever it is that they brought up. And if you respond in a manner to help them understand your side, you’ll become laser focused on correcting them, because you’ll only be speaking from this standpoint. Something was triggered within them and now that is all they can see, hear, understand and they are set on teaching you, and being correct. As will you, if you’re stuck on “fixing” their perspective. So the best way out of this is to shift the vibration, shift the energy, and only YOU have the power to do this, which is so freaking AWESOME!!!! Something that may have been draining, negative, or just weird, can be transformed into a magical moment of love and happiness. So let’s get our glitter guns and make some magic.


Breathe Baby Girl, We Got This

Take a moment to breathe, step back (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and maybe even physically), and as you slowly release your breath ask yourself, “How can I bring love to this situation?” The answer that pops in your mind/heart, may not even be something you typically would do, but trust your intuition and go with it. You may realize that the best thing to do is not respond. Or maybe to ask them a completely different question, give them a compliment, lift them up. Or thank them. I know, it may seem weird, but sincerely thanking them for their critique may be all they need to hear – they may have put some thought into their comment and showing thanks can alleviate some potential aggravating stress from boiling over. Most of the time their critique of you has absolutely NOTHING to do with you. This has been my biggest lesson.


Abundance of Know-It-Alls

With the rise of constantly being connected on social media, people giving their 2 cents, and “information” being readily available (but almost never fully researched), we are seeing more and more of the “I know what’s best, and you’re doing it wrong” mentally thrown everywhere. With all this word vomiting happening, we do not have to respond with more vomit, instead bust out your glitter guns and spread some happiness. You truly do have the power to control your energy, which will in turn lift up those you encounter.

The beauty of social media is that you do NOT have to respond right away – whatever your ego may think haha. So, if a situation like this happens on social media, in an email or text, then you really can take your time in responding and shifting your vibration before responding. Something you can do to help shift your energy before responding (and after you take that deep breath) is to give 10 compliments – go on to random people’s pages/posts, or people you know and just give compliments without expecting anything in return (tell them how beautiful they are, how happy it made you feel, you love their lipstick, the color of their hair, how awesome their shirt is). Trust me, the first couple may be difficult, but as you begin to lift others up, it will lift your spirit, because you’re focused on giving love.


Take Your Power Back Glitter Guru

It really is that simple…. Taking your power back does not have to be difficult. And it merely starts with one incident at a time. The difficult part is not taking anything personal and making that first step back. As you do this, you separate yourself from getting pulled in. This is your true power, your true strength, and the more you do it, the easier it will become. The easier it will be to identify these situations for what they are. The easier it will be for you to maintain your happiness. And the easier it will become to bring happiness to others. You will become a glitter guru!!!

Love you boo! Now go shoot some glitter and make magic with your powers!


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