Love is the way to perfection

Perfection is not love, but love is the path to embracing your perfection.

We have created this myth and negative connotation to perfection. The human conception of perfection is predicated on being flawless. However, perfection and flaws are always and already contextual in the eye of the beholder. Basically, we all have a different idea of how things should be, yet we continue to let a standard of suppossedness rule our essence. So why does the obesssion with appearing perfect exist when we all have a different notion of what perfection means? Honestly, I am not going to delve into that question, because that is straight ludacris. Answering that question would only take us down a path of obsessing over the obsession, we would become so focused on the problem that the problem of perfection, and its obsession, would only expand; when really we must shift our focus to the solution in order to truly shift away from our addiction to perfection, and ultimately elevating our vibration and energy to one of peace and understanding.

I was a perfectionist and still battle with this. I become obsessed, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed at getting things done a certain way, completing things within a certain time frame, and creating a facade of effortless perfection. I exhaust myself in attempting to create the illusion that all is well, nothing was a struggle, or that it should have been completed by now; therefore, I’m constantly beating myself up, telling myself I am a failure, I’m not good enough, and need to do it better. And to top it off, I want to be the best at everything – such a joke! This really is a mask to my fear of appearing weak. When in fact the fear itself is my weakness. So all the effort I put into “appearing perfect” is what I had mistakenly believed to make my strong, when really it was a hiding from myself – hiding from a fear. The true strength lies within embracing the imperfection.

So much effort goes into creating the illusion of perfection (that we have it all together) that I become so trapped by dwelling on what I think should happen and how it should happen. This kills your spirit, and it is a detrimental act to your mind, body, and soul, because they are inextricably interconnected. The best way to shift out of this ever expanding pulling down is to accept yourself as you are. So instead of trying to per-fect, see that you are perfect in the eyes of God. Shift from the action to the being. Shift from the verb, to perfect, to understand you already are. Let go of our human notion of perfection and embrace your divine perfection. Everything about you, everything you have gone through and will go through, everything you have fought for, everything you have lost, everything you have built, everything you have received, is it ALL PERFECT! It is YOU!

Love is the way out of this trap. Love is the path to finding your divine perfection. Because love is how you find the God within yourself, then you will see that you always were perfect. Therefore the stress that we create to become or perform perfection is unnecessary. The real work is in believing you are good enough, there is enough time, and that you did and are always doing a fantastic job. To truly become “better” or an improved version of yourself is not in becoming perfect, but it lies within accepting yourself as perfect; because when you begin to see yourself in this light, you realize there are no limits and you truly can become anything you want.

You always were perfect, now it is time for you to believe it. This is the love. Accepting yourself and everything you have gone through and knowing that all is well.

No matter how much of a mess you may think your life is, it is but a thought. Begin to think of your life as flowing, aligning, and running smoothly. The more you begin to FEEL that things are in alignment, they will become in alignment. Recognize your accomplishments, no matter how small, because this puts you in the mindset of focusing on what you are doing instead of wallowing in the pool of unfinished business.

Start small… Start so small. Let me give an example. This morning all I wanted to do was write this piece on perfection, because the thought came to me the night before. In my mind it was only going to take ten minutes. If only I could get 10 minutes, well low and behold I set a standard and began to bet myself up for not meeting this standard. I had to stop, breathe, let go and tell myself, it will get done when it gets done. This is my only focus today, I do not need to fret about the timeline of getting this done at this time. The piece is done and I’ve also accomplished so much more because I was centered on finishing the piece in due time, grounded in peace, and not beating myself up the whole way. (I’ve also worked out, got my son ready for the day, had some good convos with my bro, had a hiccup frenzie with another family member and chose to respond in love, which allowed me to see just how much I have grown to not let it knock my day, cooked some rice, made breakfast and lunch, nursed my son like 3x – not sure why he wanted to nurse so much today, probably just to teach me patience to the enth degree haha, posted a video to IG, showered, put away laundry, responded to some messages, and probably did some other shit that I am not recognizing at the moment). See… When I focus on what I have done, I realize that I have done sooooo much, instead of focusing on the lack. And, blissful love flows.


So sweet soul, know that beauty exists within you, strength within you, love within you, and divine perfection. You job, which is not easy, is to stop beating yourself up, stop setting standards, and stop doubting yourself, instead congratulate yourself for the smallest of things – waking up, drinking a cup of coffee, getting dressed, getting the kids ready, whatever it is that you are doing, take the moment to recognized that you are DO-ing and you are doing it well. The more you practice giving praise to your (minor) accomplishments, you will begin to tap into your divine perfection and not be trapped by the creating an illusion of perfection. Love yourself, appreciate what you do each day, and from this space you will believe in your own perfection, and the myth of a perfect way of doing things will be eradicated. Love is the path to your divine perfection sweetness.


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