Our Manifestations are but a Relaxation Away


The work in manifesting anything into our realities is not working so hard to make it happen. The hard work is letting go of what we think should happen. The hard work is in being truly happy with where we are, like so passionately grateful for all that we have and just in love with it all. And it is from this space of bliss that all else will unfold.

Do you ever take a moment to stop, breathe, and acknowledge just how magical you are, how magical the universe is, and how everything just lines up perfectly? We have the power to manifest anything, rapidly, but when we have blocks, we create resistance to the divine flow of the universe (and in effect our desired manifestations). Blocks can be emotional, mental, spiritual… They come in the form of disbelief in the self, in others, in our desire, or in our worthiness to deserve whatever it is we desire. The biggest block I create is thinking I know how the manifestation should happen and appear – the constant need to be in control, to be producing, to work for everything that comes my way. My biggest difficulty is NOT in doing the work, but instead letting go of my need to over work. I doubt the process of the universe, the divine flow, that God will unfold the path and that all I must do is follow. However, the more I relax, the more I let go, the more I enjoy, the more I just chill and be in the world the more rapidly my thoughts manifest into the material world. Let me give you an example, of which I did not realize I manifested it until I took the moment at the end of the day to realize my own power. We are going to warp back to the Lake Elsinore Spartan Race in January. I did not race, I drove up there solely to spend time with friends, support family, and enjoy the energy of the event – so basically an example of letting go of productivity to just chill and enjoy.

As many you know I identify with the fairy realm, I believe I am a fairy soul here to live in the frequency of love, and when I run a Spartan Race I like to wear my fairy wings. If you do not know about what I am talking about, any of this is so easily explained in the Tinkerbell movies series – I just love how fairy knowledge is so widely available now!!!!

Any who’s… At the Spartan Race venue I arrived and realized I did not have a set of wings to wear and thought, man it would have been cool to have my fairy wings. Moments later someone else commented on missing my fairy wings and how much they enjoy seeing me in fairy wings. I told them how I had just had that thought, and that next time I will definitely have to wear wings even if I am not racing. Not even thinking about this or stressing over (not) having wings, it was but a pure desire and then poof complete surrender that I do not have wings and I am there to enjoy myself. I am walking around the venue and a man calls me into his booth and we begin talking. For whatever reason he gifts me a tank top of his business and I feel so thankful and beyond blessed to receive this gift. Plus after learning about his company I was reminded how amazing people are. I told him I would go put the tank top on, I think he didn’t really believe me, but I mean what I say, I do my best to be sincere and live my truth.

Later on I change into my brand new tank top from IMMORDL, a vegan coffee drink, that tastes absolutely divine! And low and behold the shirt has wings on the back!!!! I couldn’t believe it. Later on I realized I was walking around the venue with my fairy wings even though I did not pack any. I wanted wings, surrendered to not having any, and the universe gave me material wings to wear! In a matter of minutes! Well, maybe an hour. But, still do you see this magic?! When I think back at this I am blown away and reminded that with all that I want in life right now, the work is not in figuring out how to make it happen, stressing that I don’t have what I want, planning how to fix this or that. Instead the work is on being in utter bliss, complete surrender and almost unphased by the fact that I do not have what I want. To almost feel that I have everything I want, even though I do not. I hope this makes sense. It is the feeling that matters. I was feeling so happy, so blissful, so thankful, and just unphased that I didn’t have something that I wanted that it came to me that quick. I know this example may seem silly, but it is these smaller glimmers into the ways in which we manifest that we become to believe in the possibility to manifest larger desires.



IMMORDL what a perfect brand to bring me my wings this day. A brand that seeks to elevate from within, to realize our potential as spiritual beings, to let go of limiting beliefs and become immortal/immordl- truly a blessing. Go check out this yummy elixir! NO, I was not asked to write this, just merely sharing how our journeys crossed paths. Divine alignment. Knowing we were, and always are, at the right place at the right time. Enjoy life!!!



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