Enjoy the Dip

Oh how I dipped on my blog, IG, Facebook, on a public persona, but in my dip something else happened. My passion for writing transformed, my love for life expanded, and my heart opened to so much more. I became ever present… Ok, maybe not ever present, but it truly helped me become present in everything I participate in. I found myself checking notifications, responding to messages and comments, and watching for likes. Or on the opposite end, getting annoyed by responding to the demand of questions, messages, and comments. I was just pulled into the social media world in an unhealthy manner. In lieu of returning to a public presence on my blog, I want to take time to share the importance of loving yourself through a dip, or low point in your life, whatever it may be.

Quieting the mind and following the heart is not easy. It takes practice, it is a skill that anyone can do. Some days we are better at shutting off the noise and listening to our heart space, and other days it may truly be a battle. Sometimes we don’t realize something is unhealthy for us, especially if it is something that once brought us joy, love, peace, or connected us to spirit. Realizing that something is unhealthy is truly only something you can know and requires learning the self… This is true for all your relationships, and honestly if I’m in an unhealthy relationship with food, a person, a job, social media, etc it always boils down to me have an unhealthy relationship with something within myself.

I am learning more each day that when I am rubbed the wrong way by something, it is not merely that thing is “bad,” but more so that it is exposing something within me that I may not resonate with on a soul or spiritual level. So instead of ignoring this discomfort, take your time in getting to the root of the problem – trust me when I say that there is NOT a path to the root of any problem and we cannot force getting to the root, it only happens when we completely surrender and let go of a supposed path. I like control, I like numbers, I like calculations, I like minimizing error, whelp… Let me tell you how this so cannot be applied to the journey of life, because every time I attempt to make something more efficient, plan it out to a T, and gain control of the reins – the universe responses with, “gotcha.” Over and over, my lesson is to let go and to stop my need to control, plan, calculate, and minimize error, and instead fall in love with failing and enjoy the dip.

What to do when you find yourself in a rut? How do you pull yourself out of a low space? First, off I choose to not acknowledge it as a rut or low space. Do whatever you can to NOT to tell yourself you’re in a low point. Seek to find the positive, find the joy, find the love, there is always one thing that is positive – always! It may not be a positive with whatever you’re having a hard time with, so just don’t start with that. Instead start with a positive that you can use to ground yourself – you have electronic devices, you have a roof over your head, you have a body, you are alive, the sun is shining… anything that you can find to get you in the mode of appreciation. In time you can return to whatever is bringing you down and see it in a new light, but initially sometimes we need a bit of a distraction, to shift our focus.

Distract yourself with whatever brings you ease – the smell of fresh coffee, the breeze of crisp morning air, the rising of the sun, the setting of the sun – and not dependent on anyone else. Going out with girl friends, participating in a sport, or going on a getaway is a great release, but sometimes we become dependent on those to only distract us and not actually help bring calm from within us.

Ok. So we’ve shifted from viewing our rut as not a rut, telling ourselves we are exactly where we need to be, and finding things to appreciate we can return to our dip and see it in a new light. Now what? Now, it is a contininuing of choosing positivity, a montitoring of the thoughts, and an uplifting through love. So often we have become used to beating ourselves into change, instilling fear, working harder, and forcing – this is not our faults, its how generations have parented and how our society polices and functions, but this really doesn’t work. Loving yourself even at your lowest is the sure way to elevate you in the quickest possible way. Just think, when someone asks you do something nicely you don’t have anyissue doing it, because they asked in the frequency of love. However, when they demand something of you, direct or command you to do it (I mean was this not your childhood, because it was mine, “say sorry or you’re getting spanked” hahaha so funny), basically when they coerce and ask with an attitude, then you want to respond with an attitude. Our emotional selves are the same way. So instead of beating yourself up, saying I need to do this or that, loving yourself through it means when you begin to have a negative thought about yourself or your situation, you stop yourself and acknowledge any and all the positive in your life – whether it has to do with that situation or not. This practice alone will raise your energy to a new frequency so that you are not stuck in your rut.

So instead of snickering at being stuck in some place in your life, enjoy the dip, because it is in this space where we learn what we are truly made of – love, peace, patience, understanding, and gratitude. And many times more clarity on the direction we want to go in life presents itself, so the need to plan is relinquished





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