When Worlds Collide

Falling in love with myself has truly been about the journey of falling in love with life.


I had all of these plans to be ridiculously (over) productive on this wonderful Sunday. I decided to let go of how I thought everything should unfold, and what I thought was considered productive. I found that in this letting go more love, life, and beauty blossomed in more ways than I could have even imagined.


Last night a sweet friend of mine invited me to join her on a hike this morning – old me almost would have been annoyed by this invite – instead I said what the heck, let’s do it! As I went to bed I set my alarm ready to join her on the mountain, letting go of what I orignally had planned for my morning.


I hit my alarm and fell back asleep – woke up in a panic, texting her that I was just getting up and would be on my way shortly. As I was getting ready, an ease came over me and I realized there was no need to worry or be rushed. All happens for a reason, I communicated with her, and arriving 10 mins late is NOT the end of the world. In fact, missing the hike entirely would not have been the end of the world. I was able to fully tend to my spirit, get ready with ease and allow the universe to flow and I to flow with her.


I texted here when I left, still not receiving a response from her. I thought, no worries… Again, all happens for a reason.


As I was driving I began to see just how beautiful this morning is – I typically would have stayed in the house, cleaning, writing, working my brain away, and instead I am out, one with nature, and connecting with all that is. Even if I don’t meet up with my friend, I know I am exactly where I need to be and this is going to be the best hike ever.


I parked and texted her, still no response, but I knew that this hike was going to be incredible. I thought, maybe I’ll see her, or maybe I’ll see someone I know. I was low key hoping I didn’t see anyone haha.


As I trucked up the trail fully thankful and enjoying everything I was saying Good Morning to everyone and smiling at everything – the sun, the birds, the plants, the view, the sun rays beaming through the clouds – God’s beauty everywhere and knowing I am part of this majestic beauty. We are all apart of this amazing miracle of life. It was so magical to be outside, to clear my head, and do something totally out of the norm for me.


On the way up I did not see anyone I knew and on the way down just as I told myself, how crazy I didn’t see anyone, because I always see someone I know on this hike – BOOM – I ran smack into a sweet friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in over a year who was also hiking alone.


Let me tell you about this sweet blessing in my life. We became friends through such unlikely events… She is a reminder every time I see her, that beauty and love always exist. Both her and I were dating brothers, and while we were in our relationships, we barely knew each other, we may have exchanged a handful of words to each other over the 2 years… Which is just insane, with the possibility that we were almost sisters-in-law, both of us engaged. She ended up ending her relationship a few months before I and I thought it was all of a sudden. I walked away from my engagement and everyone else thought it was all of sudden, except for those closest to me who knew it was a long time coming.


Months later we connected. Our connection, rooted in healing, was a recognition of the other as one who no longer settled. We both learned that we were in unhealthy relationships and each of our stories continues to help the other flourish into the being she was created to be.


So funny that I would run into her of all people. I had no idea she does this hike. We had tried meeting up time and time again and it kept not working out, either something would come up for her, or something would come up for me and my son Malakai…. But on the day that I was seeing all the magic and wonder around me, blessed with the gift to wake, to get out of the house, to hike, and then to run into a sweet friend whose own healing as accelerated mine – this was just pure bliss.


I was so in my element I came home inspired to cook – I love cooking and had become so programmed with my meal planning and prepping that I forgot about the enjoyment I receiving from cooking from inspiration.


When worlds collide… All happenings happen for a reason. We were not “supposed” to be friends. We may have never become friends. But each of us in a place of healing saw the others strength, and this flicker of hope helped the other truly flourish. I was reminded of this today when I stepped out on faith and let go of my plans to run my pre-scripted day. Truly wonderful…


I accept everything as it is. I understand everything as a blessing, as a purposeful piece of the divine master plan. the more I step back and allow things to just flow and let go of my urge to be in control and plan everything, then all falls directly into place.


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