We Are Never Alone

We are not alone on this journey of life. We are not alone as we embark on new endeavors, as we fall, as we look back, as we dream forward, as we connect and be in this world.


It’s so funny that we can hear something so many times throughout our lifetime and it mean something totally different, depending on the context – time of day, who’s saying it, what you’ve been through, what you’re going through, who you’re around or not around in the moment…


Today has been a truly magical day. Going with the flow and trusting the divine, letting go of my urge to plan out my day – yes, I’m one of those, “To-Do List Type A” personalities. As a perfectionist I always thought I was alone, always striving to be perfect and never letting other’s see my true fucked up self, but I’ve come to learn that my true self is not F’ed up, but that she is absolutely radiant. The saying goes that success is just one step out of your comfort zone – this does not always mean push more, and more, and more, or do more and more and more; for me, outside of my comfort zone is NOT pushing, is NOT planning, is NOT controlling, and the more that I do THIS, this NOT doing, the more success and fulfillment flows into my life… I did not change, my view of myself did.


Back to We are not alone… In going the flow I had the opportunity to reconnect with some former supervisors of mine who I haven’t talked to in about 8 years – GEEZ. Our schedules magically aligned today and wouldn’t align again until a month later, so I took it. Our FaceTime was pure joy, we connected as if there was never a break – a true sign that we are soul family and that our happenings together were always meant to be. I shared all that I have gone through the past 8 years – loosing myself, not knowing my value, partying, drinking, smoking, being involved in toxic relationship after toxic relationship, all to learn who I am and that the most important relationship is the one with myself — all of that pain came from within me, not from the circumstances I put myself in. But just as all of the pain came from within, I could cultivate the love from within, simply by shifting how I think of myself and realizing that I am not alone. I always thought I was alone, that no one thought like me, no one has gone through what I have gone through, no one would understand my beating up of myself, my shame, my embarrassment, my hate, my not-knowing, my hiding…


We are not alone and we never were, and we never were meant to be alone. Yet, this feeling of loneliness prevails. Or more so the feeling of experiencing whatever we are going through as if we are the only ones going through it, and that we are alone in our journey – alone in the physical and alone in the non-physical. BUT we are and never were alone. We are in this journey with so many – our physical family, our soul family, our friends, our class mates, our co-workers, the stranger on the street/IG/FB, angels, passed loved ones, other celestial beings, our higher self, and God.


We are not alone, we come into this world with our families. They have gone through their own shit and are always there for us to fall back on, for support – not all physical families are this way, but for those of us who have it, we are not alone.


We are not alone, we experience hardships at precisely the same time as our soul family, we expand together, grow even if we are not in contact with one another. Reconnecting with my former supervisors reminded me of just this. As I shared my journey, she had went through her own awakenings within herself, her own hardships to find herself.


We are not alone, we are always connected to the non-physical, to the spirit world. We are forever, endlessly, surrounded by a team of angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, elemental energy, passed loved ones, our higher self, and God. This amazing team is ALWAYS with us. We are never alone on this journey in the physical.


We are not alone, someone is always going through or has gone through what we are going through. The more I open my heart and share what I have gone through, the lessons I have learned, or just sharing my love and passion for life, the more I realize that so many others have gone through are are going through the exact same thing.


We are not alone in dreaming, in wanting more, in seeing more, in feeling more. For so long I thought my visions for my success were stupid – WRONG. Surrounding myself with those who believe in themselves helped me believe in myself and know that all of my dreams – no matter how big or how small – are worth having, because they are what I/eye want.


We were created to come into our physical bodies to learn love, to learn that we are NOT alone, to learn that happiness is our divine way of being. Stress is always self-induced, it does not matter what we think we are going through, we can choose to find the happy, choose to find the joy, choose to find the abundance, choose to find the calm, and choose to find the peace. In doing this, we attract more happiness, joy, peace, love, calm, and abundance into our lives, we attract more of those who are doing just that, we attract people who will continue to draw us toward love and happiness. Or like my re-connection today, those who I distanced myself from will come back into my path if they were always meant to be. We are all connected, we are all on this journey together.


So I encourage you today, to remember that you are NOT and never were alone with anything, and to dig deep within yourself to find that glimmer of happy, love, joy, freedom, hope, peace – anything to distract you from thinking otherwise, because you are too freaking beautiful not to see these wonderful things within yourself.



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