Brothers, Blessings, and Whatnot

Living with my brothers is the absolute best. My younger brother and I moved back in with our parents, temporarily, but it shifted into a much longer temporary than either of us expected. Our older brother is working on a project in town, so he has been driving down to stay with us during the week and then returning to his family on the weekends.


Man oh man… Who else has brothers?


Count the blessings and the fun just continues to roll. Yea, you could get annoyed by the jokes, or irritated by the blunt ridicule, but where is the fun in that. That just boils your steam when you could enjoy the fun.


When I made the shift to enjoy being with my brothers the fun truly became endless, and the lessons we learn and teach each other became so profound, because neither of us was really worried about offending the other. Everything is done in light heartedness, with the pure intent to have fun, and when we see the other struggling we offer true advice rooted in love and nothing else.


I am truly blessed to have incarnated with soul family. TRULY BLESSED. They are my soul brothers just as much as they are my physical brothers, and when we each focus on ourselves, we heal and thrive together – it’s awesome!


But living with brothers… Let me tell you. My cheeks hurt from laughing. Sex jokes are 24/7, or maybe not 24/7, but you know what I’m saying. The wit and comebacks are nothing but short – so if you’re ever around these two just be ready to catch 100 subtle sly phrases, or know that lots is actually going over your head, lots that you are not catching. You’ll see the twinkle in their eye, their moment of recognition that only they caught the pun and no one else did.


Nothing. Nothing gets past them… I binged ate over the holidays – they immediately noticed a shift in my mid-section. HA!  This teaches me that there never is a reason to hide – be YOU, be so YOU in all that you do. I started wearing my retainer at night, but tonight was the first time they were around while I had it in. That shit was HILARIOUS! There clearly is no way for me to hide that I am wearing a retainer, and they thought it was the funniest thing to encourage my talking (with a lisp).


Before I even start talking, my younger brother looks at me puzzled, while our older brother is on the phone with his sancha, and says, “Do you have something in your mouth?” – as if I would hide some fucking food or God knows what… ME: YES!!! My retainer! Oh the laughs… Older brother pauses his phone convo to say I’m talking funny and get me to say more. So much fun. We’re grown ass adults (29, 30, and 40), yet sitting around our living room (older bro on the phone, me folding laundry, and younger brother responding to emails and drinking coffee) acting like children.


Needless to say, I am truly blessed to have such laughter, such freedom to express myself, and to be in the middle of such genuine playfulness. They brought laughter to my pain of wearing my retainer


The blessings do not end with playful banter. My brothers cook, clean, help out in the shadows like ninja fairies and never seek any recognition for their help. I go to them when I am hurting, I cried more times this week with my own personal resistance than I have in weeks and each time one or both of my brothers were there to remind me that everything must come to the surface, everything must come to the light and I cannot let it knock me. As things come to the surface, go with the flow, do not create resistance, and count my blessings, because this lets the universe know that I am ready for what is to come.  With everything, literally anything that comes my way, I must respond in love. Some days are easier than others, but I am so blessed that my brothers will directly remind me that I must respond in love even when someone is being not so nice to me.


My brothers, my blessings. The craziest jokesters, yet my wisest teachers. True peaceful warriors. I love you. Without you, I would not be me. Namafae mutherfuckers



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