See the Beauty in Everything

The more I love myself, find the joy within myself, and believe in my strength, the more easily I see the beauty, love, and strength in everything around me.


Self-love may seem weird at first, but that is only because I was programmed to not truly love myself – church, family, media, poverty, schooling, etc. These all taught me to second guess myself, to devalue myself, to think of others first, to be worried about what others think, to worry, to think.  This was all apart of my divine life purpose to find love within myself. To trust that I am enough, by myself – not in the sense of being alone or single, but that everything already exists within me. God is in me. Strength within me. Love within me. Beauty within me. Joy within me. Peace. Freedom. Sillyness. EVERYTHING.


Seeing this, feeling this from within me, not being dependent on it coming from an outside source is so powerful. It allows me to embrace my power, to see how I am truly connected to all that is. It allows me to see all that is within me outside of me. Because I see beauty within myself, everything outside of me is beautiful. Because I see love within myself, I can feel the love in all that is around me. Because I see my strength, I can see divine guidance and power everywhere. Because I can find my calm at any moment, I am at ease that everything is working out just perfectly. There is peace every where.


I stop in the moment – several times a day – to just embrace the moment, to BE in the moment, to quiet all the racing thoughts and realize that there is so much more around me. But I only really saw all that was around me, until I began to see all that was within me.


Now the even more magical thing about this… Because trust me its fucking AMAZING feeling this, seeing this, believing in myself – looking at myself in the mirror, staring deep into my eyes, making that connection with my soul and knowing just how special I am (and honey – you, you are truly special, we all are so freaking special). But.. the magical thing is that when you collide with someone else who is on this same frequency of love. It is as if you already know, you both see each others love, power, peace, joy, and magic. And I am not speaking of romantic relationships, I just mean when you happen to see that someone sees this within themselves, because they just glow and emit love. It’s freaking wonderful. The more I tap into my beauty, love, and strength, the more I see it outside of me, and the more it is attracted to me and the more I am attracted to it. We are energy…


Sharing with these sweet souls is truly what this lifetime is all about. We learn together, grow together, love together, be together, create together. Our expansion is connected to the expansion of everyone else.


Finding this within myself, or finding this within yourself… It becomes easier the more you do it… Self-love may seem weird at first, but it is NOT weird, so let go of that (dis)belief. What works best for me is reminding myself that I can see and be all this power, and when I focus so intently, so blindly, so purposefully on myself, my spirit, my well-being, then that is what I will radiate. And, that right there, is the best thing I can do for everyone, my son, my loved ones, “strangers,” our planet. Blinders up, no looking to anyone and really focusing on being so in love, so empowered, so at peace, so romanced, and so mystified by the being God made me to be.


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