Ease and Flow




Waking up knowing that everything is working out for me, that love is flowing to me and through me, that feeling of peace and clarity did not happen over night. More and more I am waking up in the frequency of love and trusting the divine to guide me.


We find peace by re-training our minds to let go of how things should be (Wayne Dyer). It is the same for living within the state of ease and flow (which essentially is peace, right?). Waking up in resistance is almost how we have been programmed, or socialized, like its normal to wake up in resistance. UGH – who wants that? NOT ME. I did that for years and I am so over that bull shit.


To undo this normalization, we must make minor shifts, pay attention to when the resistance arises, and use a variety of resources to get back into the flow state. Some days you’ll be able to snap right back into the flow state, and others, well other days we just have to enjoy the journey and love ourselves as we get back into the flow state.


Resistance arose for me this morning – I initially woke up thinking OMG I need to get check-in with my Self-Love Group, OMG what time is it, OMG I have so much shit to do, OMG this, that – you get it, the panic of not enough sleep, not enough time in the day, I need my coffee, I have too much to do was about to set in and then – EASE and FLOW.


Something immediately took over and said, no, it is ok. Relax. It will all get done. It does not have to happen in the way you saw it. Remember you are so blessed. And then counting my blessings kicked right in, look at my beautiful son, he is so happy, I get to sleep with him and wake up next to him, we got plenty of sleep, we have a huge king bed, the sun is shining, I am breathing (HELLO now), I received such amazing feedback on my blog from people all over the world – seriously that is NOT what I expected! To receive messages from women in different countries tell me I am amazing. I have so much to be thankful for.  I am so thankful for YOU – seriously, thank you so much for reading my thoughts.


A key component for me being in elevated spirits is using resources to help me stay in the frequency of love. To literally HAULT the resistance as it arises. So in the morning when I wake up, I catch myield as I start to think, ugh, Mondays, ugh not now, ugh the alarm clock, because that is waking in resistance. I want to tell the universe that I am not resisting all that she wants to bring my way. So I shift my mindset to, what a wonderful morning, I am waking to see another day, I take a deep breath in and feel the life force flowing to me and through me. And then within seconds I feel at ease, powerful, connected to myself and the divine, I feel ready to give to the world – because I gave just those few moments to myself FIRST.


I am reminded that I am a sexy bad ass here to shine bright –  waking in resistance dulls my sexy sparkle and I was created to shine this light!!!


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