Shift Your Mindset – Sexy Strong Legs

Legs, legs, legs. I love my legs. These bad boys have grown 4 1/2″ this past year and a half!!! I am so thankful for everything they get me through each day – walking, running, crawling, jumping, squatting down to pick up Malakai, not to mention taking that tough love during my workouts (I hit legs 2-3 times a week, on average 3, but every now and then I miss the 3rd)


Yes, you can change your genetics. We are energy. Believe it and you can achieve. For too long I said I was pre-disposed to chicken legs (from my dad) and no ass/hips (from my ma’s side of the family). Again, we are energy. It is not a nature vs. nurture debate. It is a semiotic relation, nature shapes nurture, and nurture shapes nature. Or in the words of Donna Haraway, nature-cultures, there is no way out of nature and no way out of culture. And from a spiritualist, alchemist perspective, we literally have the power to create anything within our material world. However this creating does not happen by force, hard work through beating and hating, instead it starts with a mindset shift. So tell yourself what you want, envision yourself as that, you will begin to believe it is you, and you will “naturally” do the things necessary to get you there. It will flow easily to you and through you, not by force. No resistance. Don’t fight it. Start with your mind and you will transform who you are — even if that means shifting from chicken legs to thick thighs, bird chest to swole vest, or low self-esteem to confident in love and light….
When I forget the mental, emotional, and spiritual work, my body suffers… She shifts in the other direction, and this signals to me that I am not in alignment with all that is, and with the flow of divine timing – I am fighting, I am forcing. Much of the work I do in my fitness groups is to expose my steps of shift, and help other women (& a few men) realize their blocks. In shifting these blocks to doorways to success, voila transformation easily flows like magic.
Our mind, body, and spirit are truly interconnected. So my forgetting to do the mental, emotional, and spiritual work (journal, affirmations, praising myself for what I have accomplished, visualizing, loving myself as I am while seeing where I am going in full gratitude, meditation, reading, etc) directly impacted how I was working on my body (my water intake decreased, I got lazy with my intake, didn’t push as hard in my workouts, etc). But as soon as I started doing the spiritual, mental, and emotional work, I began to see shifts within the physical… It does go 180 over night, but the shifts begin, so keep doing the energy work and it will manifest in the material.
We are energy…. Love and gratitude, never under estimate the power of love and gratitude. If you don’t know where to start on your journey, start with gratitude and love – you can always find 1 thing you are thankful for and 1 thing you love. Focus just on that and it will expand.




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