Sexy is as sexy does


Sexy is a feeling, a state of being, a view of the self that comes from the heart. It is NOT an outer appearance, NOT what you wear, NOT how your body looks. Let go of what we think is sexy, what we were told was/is sexy, and embrace what makes you YOU. That right there, that is SEXY! When we choose to tap in to the being God made us to be and let go of what we think is right, wrong, sexy, cool, smart, brilliant, WHATEVER IT MAY BE. In letting go, we deliberately choose to be ourselves, we choose to create what we want, and we choose to see ourselves how we want to see ourselves. This is sexy. Choose sexy. Choose to see yourself as sexy, and don’t be shy, tell yourself you are the most sexiest thing ever!

How we feel about ourselves is inextricably connected to how we view ourselves and how we act in this world. So if we feel not so good about ourselves, then we have low views of our self, low self-worth, little value in ourselves, and we act in a way that belittles our abilities. WHOA!!!

We have the power to shift this, which shifts us and shifts those around us that we engage with. Just as feeling not so good has a negative impact, we can feel great about ourselves, this improves how we view ourselves, how we carry ourselves, how we engage in the world around us!! WOO HOO!!  (– hint hint — are you seeing how feeling sexy might be the best thing for all in our lives)

You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your kids. You owe it to your hubby/spouse/significant other/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. You owe it to your mother & father. You owe it to your co-workers. OK.. Maybe not owe it to them, but hopefully you get what I am saying. The only person that matters is YOURSELF. You deserve to feel sexy!

For years I did not feel sexy, and I am still learning to embrace this feeling. My low self-worth stemmed from my mother’s view of herself. So despite being told I was beautiful, bright, kind, special, etc while growing up, I did not believe these things about myself, because I saw that my mother did not believe them about herself. MOMMAS we cannot simply tell our children how great they are, we must show them how great we are so they know the beginning of their own greatness.

Your greatness starts with how you feel about yourself. And how you feel about yourself starts with what you choose to tell yourself. In the beginning self-talk, affirmations, and what not can feel really weird – like really weird (I get it), so if you’re not ready to look in the mirror and say, “god damn, I’m one sexy bitch,” don’t worry. Simply start with, “I am willing to improve how I feel about myself.” This act of allowing yourself to be open to improvement begins the shift.

For the first time in my life, I can say, “I am sexy,” “I feel sexy” and I know that this is ok. It is not tied to my body, but it is tied to my mindset, how view of myself, and how I feel. It is also the first time in my life that my mother feels sexy!!! So wonderful that our journeys to self-improvement and discovery aligned and that we can feel sexy together.



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