I am not a slave to food


I am not a slave to food.


I am the creator of my reality.

I love the food I eat.

I eat to fuel my body.

I eat to optimize my health and ability.


I am not a slave to food.

Real talk. I have become extremely lackadaisical with my intake. Yes, I eat healthy. But as I shift and grow, my intake should as well. Far too long I have been making excuses, saying “I know what I need to do,” “A piece of toast (or 2, or 3) won’t hurt,” “I deserve (fill in the blank),” “I’ll have this and just clean up my intake tomorrow,” “That’s it tomorrow is the day,” “Since tomorrow is the day, then I’m going to splurge with X, Y, & Z today.”

I became a slave to the food around me. I let it control my actions, and even worse my thoughts. I continued to tell myself it was ok, I eat healthy, I am happy with my body… But what I was really doing was belittling my faith in myself, pushing aside my dreams, dwindling my power, and ignoring the fact that I WAS NOT HAPPY.  UGH this hurts my soul.

My body was trying to tell me. I started breaking out. I became sluggish. I became unfocused and unable to get work done.

My spirit was trying to tell me. I was short and cranky. I was moody. I was easily angered and irritated.

And definitely my mind was telling me… But how easily it is to ignore the signs, the messages, the signals. This is when it is important to quiet the mind, and listen to the heart, listen to the God within.

In quieting my mind, I could see how I was hurting those around me, hurting myself, and I began to pay attention to the thoughts I was having as I went for the 2nd and 3rd piece of toast, or for the 6th teaspoon of Almond butter. This wasn’t enough to shift my actions. For me it always starts with the thought process. So I began by shifting the thoughts I had while eating those foods. I started writing affirmations about the food I eat, why I like to eat healthy, how I feel when I eat clean, according to my goals, and without indulging. This created that mindset shift, it shifted how I felt, and is now shifting my actions. It also led me to find a new program and meal plan – trust divine timing when you begin to take charge of your power! It’s freaking magic

So now I can say NOT TODAY, and I can act on it accordingly. No more waiting until Monday. I said tomorrow, Monday, and next week too many times. I am at the FUCK THAT SHIT point. Enough is enough. I matter. My body matters. My mind matters. My spirit matters. And my bodily goals matter – and NO, it is NOT shallow to have body goals. What is shallow is having body goals based off someone else’s ideals. As long as these goals are for ME and me alone, or for YOU and you alone, then the intention is genuine and you definitely deserve to go after those goals and they matter 110%. So again, MY BODY GOALS MATTER.


I am starting a new program on Monday, and planned to start the new meal plan then, but FUCK THAT SHIT. I am starting the meal plan today (great prep for Monday).





2 thoughts on “I am not a slave to food

  1. I love your blog!


    1. Thank you beautiful 🙏 Sending you so much love ❤️


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