Quiet the mind, Lead with the heart

A journey of love, empowerment, awakening, and betterment

Xtina Geri

Blessings dear one. Welcome to my site, where I share my heart and I encourage you to do so as well.

We were created to shine, be sexy, and embrace our special!

None of this mediocre shit… You are worth more than that


Quiet the mind, follow the heart…

I am here to share how I quiet the mind and listen to my heart in every area of my life. I share explicit examples how I respond in love with difficult situations like parenting, eating, fitness, finances, failure, disappointment, relationships, self-esteem, all of it. No holding back.

I also practice writing in love. In hopes to transform how I engage with myself and inspire you to begin engaging with yourself with a gentle and loving spirit. For too long I beat myself up for everything that I did and was doing – EVERYTHING. This is toxic and unhealthy, and will only breed toxicity in our lives. So in an effort to stop this toxic habit, I practice writing in love, meaning: if I am describing a “negative” situation it will be written from its polar opposite as a positive situation or learning experience.

The best way to shift our energy is to just practice living in the higher vibrating polar opposite (sad/happy, lack/abundance, etc).